The Teacher Opens The Door, The Student Walks In

Eastern Arts Institute Of Holistic Therapy

Our Mission

To support the learning of Holistic Therapies for Balancing Body Mind and Spirit.

To allow the exploration and freedom to experience healing through connecting to one’s self and purpose.

To bring awareness to the healing and facilitating process.

Touch the Body ~ Reach the Mind and Heart

Services table
Eastern Arts Therapy

Offering Vibrational Acupuncture, Acupressure, Energy Medicine, Hot Waterstone Moxa, Chinese Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Reiki, Blue Laser and TENS

Vocational Institute

Personal and Career Training in Holistic Modalities of Shiatsu, Acupressure, YoGong, AcuChi, Reiki, Chinese Reflexology, Iridology, Hot Stones, and 4 Paws Bodytalk

What are Eastern Arts Therapies?

Our Clinic and Teaching are based in TCM and Ayurvedic Philosophies holding thousands of years of healing traditions that have evolved in the development of modern therapies including Shiatsu, Acupressure, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Plant Spirit Essences, YoGong, and AcuChi. We invite you to discover the power of connection and touch as healing mechanisms for the Body Mind and Spirit in us all!

About Lori-Ann

Eastern Arts Therapy is owned and operated by Lori-Ann MacLeod BA CHHP R.S.T. Reiki MT. Lori has been dedicated to delivering natural health and wellness training and therapies for over 25 years. She has taken her skills so lovingly shared by her teachers and mentors and woven them into her life and career as a Holistic Therapist and Career College Instructor. She has developed her experience and learning into her own styles of therapy in AcuChi, YoGong, and 4 Paws Bodytalk.

Lori lived 6 years in Oita, Japan where she worked and was invited to study with Living Treasures who Mastered in Shodo, Sui Bokuga, and traditional healing arts. Lori competed in art shows in Oita, Fukuoka and Tokyo, gaining honors and recognition for her work. She was granted Master Teacher Status from her Sensei and returrned to Canada to raise her family. After graduating with honors from Windsong School of Healing Ltd. in 2002, she opened Eastern Arts Therapy Clinic Ltd. and introduced Holistic Healing by means of Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure, Energy Medicine and clinical YoGong to Port Alberni, BC.

Eastern Arts is now Lori’s passion and purpose! Using her skills and knowledge to facilitate self healing and connection to the energy that is us. 

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree