Updates and Information

Covid 19 Client and Practitioner Safety Plan

Our clinic is open to the public for Professional Services only. For your safety,
Clients are asked to arrive 2 minutes before appointment and will be greeted at the door by the therapist. You will be asked to answer a short Covid Questionnaire each session. Cancellation is mandatory for clients with symptoms of Covid 19 or any other unknown or contagious illness. A waiver of liability is required your first session.

 *Arrive wearing no belts or jewelry and loose comfortable clothing. Payment may be made by e-transfer, credit or debit card. Cash is accepted if other payment methods cannot be met.  Your Practitioner will go over your particular needs and areas of concern prior to your session to limit discussion during the treatment.

*Please leave all personal items in your vehicle during your session including cell phones, coats, etc. A bag will be provided for your shoes and personal items such as glasses. A mask must be worn at all times except when face down in the head cradle. Masks will be provided to clients should they not have one.

*Consider using the restroom before leaving home and having water in your vehicle for after your session. You are required to sanitize hands before entering for your session.

Practitioner and Clinic Covid 19 Protocols

*Practitioners will self monitor health daily and cancel clients when any signs or symptoms require.

*Practitioners will wear masks at all times before, during, and after sessions. 

*Practitioners will wash hands up to elbows prior to and after sessions. Hands will be sanitized and washed during sessions before and after working around the head

* Linens are single use and will be sanitized and bleached in wash cycle and sanitized in dry cycle. Tables and equipment are sanitized with disinfectant cleaners before and after sessions. All common surfaces and high use surfaces are sanitized before and after clients. There is 30 minutes allotted for cleaning and disinfecting between clients.

*Covid 19 protocols will be updated and revised regularly according to the Ministry of Health, CDC and Professional Association requirements