We are back! Lori is taking clients for Holistic Therapies and Equine Assisted Personal Development at Eastern Arts Therapy Clinic!!

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Lori’s client services are non-invasive therapies rooted in the Oriental Bodywork and Chakra traditions of Holistic Medicine. Through gentle relaxation and restoration of flow, the body’s own healing mechanisms are triggered into response and the process of rejuvenation begins. 

Chinese Reflexology
Chinese Reflexology

Head, Hand and Foot Reflexology uses reflex points located on the ears, head, hands, and feet to balance areas of dis-ease and release tension and negative blocked energies. The therapies are excellent for circulation, relaxation, and the release of tension throughout the body systems. Book for 30-45- or 60 minute sessions

Floor Shiatsu
Floor Shiatsu

Shiatsu uses Tsubo, or reflex points along the meridians of the body and Neuromuscular points to re-establish circulation and reduce tension. Used to reduce stress and promote relaxation, the therapies include stretching and rotations to reduce congestion and create a healthier you. Book 60-75- or 90 minute sessions

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Oriental Bodywork

Oriental Bodywork combines centuries of traditions in TCM and Ayurveda to work with imbalances in the Energy and Meridians of the body. Points are accessed with holding techiniques that create symmetry and restore proper body function. Styles include Shiatsu, Acupressure, AcuChi Jin Shin and Anma Relaxation Massage, Hot Waterstone Massage, and Lymph Release Bodywork. Book 30-45-60 or 90 minute sessions

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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine uses the flow of energy, blood and lymph to increase circulation, reduce stress and re-establish the connection between mind, body and spirit. Techniques used can relieve anxiety and strengthen both the physical and mental health of one’s being. Join us for Reiki, Reiki Massage, AcuChi Jin Shin, Crystal Balancing, Guided Meditations and more... Book 30-45-60- or 90 minute sessions

About our Therapist

Lori-Ann Macleod BA CHHP R.S.T. Reiki MT. has studied and practiced extensively in the Holistic Health field and is committed to passing on her experience to others. She has trained and worked in Energywork for over 30 years and incorporated Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, and Iridology into her path in 2001, when she attended and graduated with Honors from Windsong School of Healing Ltd. under the teachings of Pauline Wolfe.
She is a Registered Shiatsu Therapist with the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC and a member of the Preventative Health Services Group.
Lori has integrated her practice into a unique style that reaches Body Mind and Spirit through Touch Breath and Compassion

Service Fees as of November 1, 2021

As well as our Regular Service Fees, you can tailor your session to suit your needs: 

1/2 Hour Chinese Reflexology – $50

3/4 Hour Bodywork Session – $75

3/4 Hour Energy Work Session – $75

1 Hour Lymph Release Massage or Bodywork – $100

1 Hour Bodywork with Hot Stones – $120

1 1/2 Hour Bodywork or Energy Work Session – $150

2 Hour Integrated Healing Session – $200

Add Oils, Essences, or Auriculotherapy for – $15 per session

Take advantage of Autumn Self-Care and Book Four 45 minute Energy Medicine, Shiatsu or Oriental Bodywork Sessions for $275

Equine Assisted Personal Development and Therapy $125 per Session

Work with our team of Therapy Horses to build skills in communication, self awareness, mindfulness, and confidence. whether you are working from the ground and just gaining confidence and comfort in being present and communicating, challenging yourself in the saddle to reach beyond limits and gain confidence, or simply spending some time in a harmonious healing environment to overcome trauma and fear, this little herd can tune in and help guide you to your best outcome.